Beware of Signs that the Baby is Not Suitable for Formula Milk

by Andrew
Baby Health

Not all types of formula are suitable for our children. The content of each milk is different, as are the shape of the molecules. If the milk content is not in accordance with the baby’s digestion, a rejection reaction will arise from the baby’s body. Well, mothers must know this reaction so they can take quick action such as changing the brand of milk.

Difficult to Defecate

You need to know that the fat and carbohydrate content in baby milk is different from breast milk. Baby milk is thicker, rich in starch and fat, making it difficult for the body to absorb it. In the baby’s intestine, this formula can become hard and difficult to pass stool. This also happens because the baby is dehydrated. You can check the stomachs of babies who are fed formula milk. If it feels hard and he is not defecating according to normal levels, it means there is a problem with the type of milk.


Babies can suffer from allergies due to consuming canned baby milk that is not suitable for their body condition. Cow’s milk protein contained in artificial milk is different from Asi. Indeed, cases of allergies in babies are rare and are hereditary. However, parents need to be vigilant if strange events occur after their children are given formula milk.

This form of cow’s milk allergy can vary depending on the body’s reaction. Some babies vomit after being given formula milk, have shortness of breath, skin rashes, or have a persistent cough. Parents should immediately take the child to the doctor if it is found without allergies as above.


Another consequence of formula milk is diarrhea in infants. Don’t underestimate this problem because just a little too late in providing help can make your baby’s life fly. Diarrhea is caused by the incompatibility of the milk content with the baby’s digestion, so the mother has to replace it.

If it turns out that the baby is showing the signs of the above symptoms, immediately change the milk that is more appropriate to breast milk. Remember that high prices are not a guarantee of milk quality. In Sukamart, there are various brands of canned baby milk. You can order online and we are ready to deliver.

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