How Do I Cope With A Broken Relationship?

by Andrew

When your life is in turmoil and you are trying to cope with a broken relationship, its on your mind the whole time, all day and probably most of the night too.  You feel so weighed down by it that there is hardly any room in your mind to think of anything else.

So you are now asking yourself the question, “how do I cope with a broken relationship?”

Well the best way to cope is to remove yourself from the situation, if at all possible.  If you and your partner have separated then this will make things easier as you won’t have to face them every day.  Cut off all communication with your ex for the time being or if that is not possible, then keep contact to a minimum.

If you are still living with your partner, then this will make the situation much harder to cope with.  But if possible go and stay with friends or relatives for a few days. The purpose of having some time away from your ex is so you can clear your head and get a grip on yourself and your emotions.  It will also give your partner some breathing space as they are most likely stressed out and upset too.

While you are having this time out, make the most of it and look after yourself.  The aim here is for you to get your confidence back and start feeling good about yourself.  This is a great video by Christine Breese that has helped me a lot.

Love Yourself

So go out with your friends and have some fun and a good laugh.  Splash out on some new clothes and maybe get your hair cut. Try some meditation, this will do wonders for making you feel more relaxed and calm.   Start to love yourself.  If you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else.

Once you are feeling more calm and relaxed you can then think about what to do next.  You have to decide if there is any chance that the relationship can be saved. Do you actually want to continue with it or would a break up be the best solution.

Be Confident & Strong

When you have spent some time apart from your partner you may start to miss them and they may miss you too. So if you both decide you want to try and work things out, then after having some time apart you should now be able to talk things over without getting so het up and emotional, which will put you in a much stronger position.  There is nothing more off putting to a member of the opposite sex than someone who is emotional and needy.  So be confident and strong.

But on the other hand, if you both or either one of you decide that its time to call it day, you should now be better equipped to at least be polite and civil with your ex partner.

Either way, having some time out and getting away from the situation will definitely make you stronger and better able to cope with a broken relationship’s

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