Study: Tattoos Stain Impressions of Females

by Andrew

The article points to a study which shows that “women with large visible tattoos are more likely to be perceived as unattractive, dishonest and less intelligent than their non-tattooed peers.”

The study was done at a community college. 24% of Americans 18-50 have tattoos, up 8% since 2003

6 Responses to “Study: Tattoos Stain Impressions of Females”

1. Jinx Says:

The woman I marry will be on the cover of International Tattoo.

Mark my words.

2. Saundra Says:

Well I am a collector of tattoos and I love them and I do get a lot of crap from ppl. but I also get a lot of compliments. I have them all over. every where u look I have a tat. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I do it for me and I am an intelligent girl. so anyone who thinks that a girl covered in tats is not smart they have a narrow mind.

3. JD Says:

I had seen that study. I think the persons opinion would be based more on her style of dress than the tiny “stereotypical” tattoo. What a joke.

4. Abz Says:

What a numbskull. this is 2006 not dark ages. some people have so lost out on there childhood so find this a way of claiming it back. pathetic and childish. I luv my tats and to hell with these judgements. they are too scared to get one done so they criticize. idiots.

5. Lexi Says:

I’m only a teenager and I have one tattoo so far, its the beginning of a huge piece that will span my whole entire body. people are just closed minded, having a tattoo doesn’t make me stupid, or a whore, or unattractive. older people (some anyways) need to realize that tattooing is a form of self expression, its art, not just a stupid fad or something.

I love my body even more after getting tattooed, in a way I didn’t it before. I think it makes me special and unique to know that no one else has the same tattoo as me, and never will.

6. Cindy-Lou Says:

Narrow minded…why I oughta…hmmm…I have a rather large set of wings tattooed on my back, I wouldn’t get rid of them for all the tea in China! I get a lot of flack about them especially from religious nuts, but you know what, I love them, no one else has to! I like to tell people, ‘You don’t like, well don’t bloody look then!’

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