Tattoos Not Wrong, Says Pastor

by Andrew

From the Times Leader:

Tattoos are here for a long time. Many young people are now coming towards them. Whenever a celebrity takes a tattoo his fans think of getting the same. But a main problem arises when the morality question rises about the legality of tattoos. So we were looking for a religious authority to shed some light on this issue. “Tattoos cover more than half of his body and include an angel killing a demon and Jesus on the cross. He considers part of his work to be spreading the message that tattoos don’t harm a person’s faith but offer a way to present a gospel message.”

The article goes on to say that Steve is the president of the Christian Tattoo Association which has 850 members from around the world.

2 Responses to “Tattoos Not Wrong, Says Pastor”

Graham Mizon Says:

As a committed Christian I wouldn’t say that tattoos are total right, either. The body is the “temple” in which God lives. We are to care for our bodies. A tastefully designed tattoo in a sensible place is not out of order, but the excesses some people go to is an abuse, in my opinion.

April Says:

Hi my name is April and I am going in to get a tattoo of a cross with my daughters name justice on it and the christen fish and I read in the bible that its not right to cut ur body or mark it cause its in remembrance elf the dead or something I think it says it in Leviticus 19:28 about something to do with tattooing but I wont get the tattoo if its not right and it is a sin so could u please tell me your thoughts on this

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