Is There Any Hope For A Broken Relationship?

by Andrew

When a relationship breaks up it is often because either you or your partner have decided to end things.  Of course sometimes a relationship can end by mutual consent. But usually it is because one person becomes unhappy or dissatisfied and decides to end the relationship and the other person is left feeling lost, confused and very upset.

In some cases, although it may have been your partner who finally ended the relationship and even though you may be very sad and upset, you know deep down in your heart that things were not right between the two of you. And you feel that ending the relationship is really for the best.  You agree with your partner that its time to move on and go your separate ways.

Another scenario is where you are going along happy and content in your relationship, blissfully unaware that anything is amiss.  Then one day out of the blue your partner announces he is unhappy with the relationship and is going to leave you. This can really knock you for six and turn your world upside down. One of the most common reasons for a partner suddenly ending what appeared to be a perfectly happy relationship is because they have fallen for someone else.

So is There Any Hope for a Broken Relationship? 

It may surprise you to know that whatever the reasons for a relationship breakup, there is always hope.  Some couples do decide to get back together again. After some time apart they begin to miss each other and realize that they have lost the love of their life. So they decide to try again and give their relationship a second chance.  Even if one partner has cheated on the other, couples have got back together again and built a successful relationship.

But if you have decided you do want to get back with your ex and give your relationship a second chance, you need to work out what went wrong in the first place. You need to sit down with your ex partner and be completely honest and open with each other.  You need to talk things through and not rush straight back into the relationship again.

Perhaps you didn’t take the time to talk to and really listen to each other.  It is so easy to become complacent when you are in a long term relationship and take each other for granted.  So do take the time and really try to find out where it all went wrong.

A good starting point is to think back to the beginning of your relationship.  There were obviously certain qualities you each had that attracted you to each other in the first place and made you fall in love.  What were those qualities and do you still possess them?  What was the point in relationship where things started to go wrong?  If you work back from the beginning and look for the things that started to go wrong along the way, you could get an indication of where it all went wrong.

If you don’t work things out and resolve what went wrong, the chances are that your relationship will break up again.  This time it could be for good.

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